UK Casino Bonuses

In the UK there are over 200 different online casinos. That means there are over 200 welcome bonuses. We have not tried all casino bonuses by far and there are some online casinos that we will never in our life deposit at.

There are different kinds of online casino bonuses. Free spins, Match bonuses, no deposit bonus, reload bonuses, first deposit bonuses and lottery tickets. We will go through them all and try to explain the different kinds of bonuses there is and after this article you will hopefully be able to tell a good bonus from a bad bonus.

First of let’s understand why a casino gives away free money to players. In order to acquire players to try their product a online casino either gives you a free sample (free spins or no deposit bonus) to try the product. Or a good offer where they through in “buy one get on” Match bonus most common as a first deposit bonus. But why stop at the introduction point. Online casino is a fierce market. A lucrative market but still fierce. Even after a customer has tried the product the online casino keeps pushing both these free spins and bonuses in various ways, often in a very creative way. You will find all kinds of bonuses, everything from free spins to trips to vegas. One casino even gave away a trip to space. The trip has not yet happened even though the campaign ended two years ago but the player waits eagerly to be one of the first “tourists” traveling to space.

Match Casino Bonus

A match casino bonus is kind of self explained. When you are making your deposit the casino matches your deposit to a certain level and %. You get extra cash t play for in the casino and in that way increase your chance by winning.
A typical Match bonus used when making your first deposit at an casino is 100% up to £100. It means that if you deposit £100 the casino will match your deposit with £100 and let you play for £200. Of course this does not come for free. In order to withdraw your money you need to wager or turnover the money a certain amount of times. This could vary between different casinos but industry standard is between 35X-40X. Anything above 40X and you should not activate the bonus as it gets pretty hard to wager it even after a big win. Everything below 20X wagering requirement is a no brainer and you should for sure play the bonus, if you can maximise the deposit to take as big advantage as possible.

Free Spins Bonus

A lot of online casinos are giving free spins instead as a bonus. It is an easier way to communicate and it is much appreciate amongst the casino players. A free spin is just as it sounds like. It is a free spins that won’t cost you a thing. Some online casinos even gives free spins with no wagering requirement so what you win is yours to keep. Free spins is often given to new players just by signing an account, no deposit needed. Free spins is also given to loyal players when new games are released and weekly you can find free spins bonuses that you have to either make an deposit to activate or accomplish a task in the casino.

Many casinos has missions or tasks that you need to fullfil and then you will get awarded with free spins. This also seems to be very popular amongst the players and we believe we will see a lot more mission based casinos where you have whole stories that you can go through in the casinos.

you can read more about free spins and the history behind free spins here

Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus is like a match bonus but is only given to existing players that has already made their first deposit bonus. It is for players that wants or needs a extra boost to come back and play to get a second chance of winning. Reload bonuses is given several times a week from most casinos and is usually giving you as an player between 25-50% bonus.
We would suggest that you play the 50% bonuses but actually nothing below that. It is just simply not worth it. Also make sure to check the wagering requirement a reload bonus of 50% with 40X wagering requirement is pretty difficult to turn around and we would suggest playing without a bonus instead.

Lottery Tickets

A lot of online casinos uses lottery tickets and weekly draws to attract players back to the casino. Usually it is a bigger win in a lottery but it is also very common that you give a lot of free spins to many players. One thing is for sure the bigger the casino is in active players the bigger the prize pools is. So if you are a sucker for entering lotteries aim for the biggest casino rooms and get your tickets there. Harder to win but the award is also reflected on that.

If you have any wonderings around bonuses or how they work, feel free to contact us through the contact form. We are here to help and educate.

UK casino bonuses