Online Casino has in recent years become a huge market. More and more players seek to play online through their laptops and mobile devices rather then going to the brick and mortar casino. Online casinos often offer better bonuses higher RTP (return to player) than the old school casinos. That could be one of the reasons why players choose to play in online casino instead. Here at free spins casino we dig deep down into the UK online casino world finding the best casino bonuses and no deposit free spin offers out there.

Best UK Online Casino

There is not really one best UK online casino, it is more several good ones but good in different ways. Some casino offer most games other quick deposits and great support.
In the list below we list some of the best casinos which has an overall good standard when it comes to casino bonuses and support. All of them are safe to play at and holds a license within the Gambling Commission of Alderney. We have played ourselves at these casinos and has rated the accordingly after what we think is the best UK Casino.

History of Online Casino

Even though Online Casino has been around for over 25 years it was around 2008 that it starting to hit big amongst the average every day player. It started of with a lot of people playing online poker and that was the main channel for most gambling operations to get in contact with new players. All went down with black friday as we know of when Full tilt poker scammed their players e-wallets and was shut down. Since then casino has evolved greatly and a lot of security measures has arrised preventing this happening again. One of this is is the Alderney Gambling Commission which is controlled by the UK government ensuring the safety for players by checking regularly that the slots and games hold the correct RTP and companies finances.

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The Boom of Online Casino

The Boom of online casinos came in late 2010 where Microgaming and Playtech has dominated a rather small market for years. It was then Netent released their first 3D animated slot Gonzo’s Quest where a bigger crowd was interested in trying the games. A game changer for the online casinos where graphics and sound was excellent and a whole new game experience was born. A lot of these games are still being played again and millions is put down in reasearch and licenses to get hot new games to the market.

Leading game developers is still Microgaming, Playtech Netent and Play n Go but more and more smaller developers are popping up creating new fun wasys to play casino online.

Online Casino in Your Mobile

Now a days you will be able to play your online casino in almost any device including your mobile. As technology has rapidly been grown technically it also has improved it’s usability within mobile devices and desktops. You can even play online casino in VR (virtual reality) All todays new casino is compatible with android and iOS. There are millions of users just in europe playing casino through their mobile. Although not every game is fully compatible with the mobile devices slowly we are movin over to an era where everything is played via the phone.

Unibet recorded that over 50% of their users now play through their mobile device. And they are investigating a lot of resources in UIX and user friendliness to make it even easier to connect to the casino whilst on the Go.

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Online Casino Bonuses

Almost at every UK online casino you will be able to pick up a casino bonus or no deposit free spins to try it out. Most likely you will come in contact with the casino by seeing it on the TV or hearing their jingles on the radio. It is important that before trying out a new casino you read the terms and conditions. And always make sure they have an license from Alderney Gambling Commission.
As the list above states there are a lot of bonuses that can be taken advantage of. A online Casino bonus often is based on two different bonus types: Free Spins and Match Bonus, You can read more about them here in our casino bonus section.

Online Casinos in Europe

As from 2008 after black friday it is now a must to have a european license in order to provide slots and gambling related services in europe. The most common one is the maltese license which is regulated by the EU.
For some countries like UK you need an additional licence in order to take players from that set of country.
Then there is also grey markets where there is no license system yet set in place but the government is working on it so they are kind of on hold whilst fixing it. In the future there will probably be a license pr. country as this is the only way to ensure 100% safety for the players and also for tax reasons.