Online Casino slots is a phenomena spreading like wild fire through out europe right now.
It has never been more users playing slots online as it is now and it is contantly growing. One of the reasons to this rapid growth is due to the many online casino operators that exists. This and also the development that is sky rocketing making players enjoy their casino slots through their ipad, mobile and soon even their TV. In this article we will review the success of the online casinos and it’s main attraction the slot machine. You will also be able to read about the different software providers, their games and the difference between online casino slots and the old school brick and mortar casino slots.

online casino slots

There are many different words for slots all over the world. Did you know that slot machines was called Fruit Machines in the UK until the 80’s or for example in Australia it is called Pookies. One thing is for sure loved ones has many names and slots is loved by many gamblers making it the biggest gambling product in the world.

Liberty Bell – The Worlds First Casino Slot

The very first slots was invented by an american called Charles Fey. Completely mechanical and was built upon three reels and one betting line. Creating the slot Charles took the NRG mathematics from Texas Hold em, one of the most played poker games in the world. The symbols where hearts, spades, diamonds, horseshoes and bells and therefore hence the name the Liberty Bell. The Casino Slot became an instant hit and went quickly into manufacturing and placed around USA in various saloons and Pubs.

Liberty Bell also had a jackpot feature hitting three Liberty Bells symbols would create a big win. Instant hit as we mentioned but unfortunately the slots where banned in Charles Fey’s home state the demand elsewhere was huge.

Another thing is that slots in this time was not allowed to give out cash prizes so most commons win was bubble gum or candy.

The Casino Slots Development

Slots was a bit stagnated after the liberty bell and a lot of copies where hitting the market. The first revolution was in 1963 when Bally introduced the first electromechanical slot machine. Slots that uses both mechanical components mixed with electrical lighting and sound. Much like the first pinball machines and another explosion of popularity began for the slot machines. Before these slots the table games has been dominating the casino floors, but now competition has arrived and we start seeing a shift in time. Together with another big slot developer, IGT and Bally made the slots get more exposure and growth in popularity with smart marketing and and further development the success was yet again a hit.

First Casino Slot Driven by a Microship

Years went past and the 80’s microship technology was booming all over the world. The slot developers was one of the first to utilize this technology and creating the first microship based slot. A lot of players where sceptical towards it in the beginning not trusting a computer to actually pay out what was promised but yet again the slot providers overcame the obstacle with determination and development.

The worlds first Jackpot slot was not far away now. in 1990 IGT developed the first proggressive jackpot system where machines where linked together creating the big jackpot winners. Their biggest hit stands still today and is called MEGA BUCKS. which would make the prefect name of the new kind of pooled jackpot slots.

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Todays Online Casino Slots

Now a days you see highly technical slots every casino all over the world and holds around 70% of the brick and mortar casino game floor. There are over 3000 different casino slots online which can be played. We are hoping to have time to play em all but as new games released every day it is hard to keep track of em all.
Lately a lot of new slot developers has been pooping up making the competition harder for the slot developers to get their slots into the online casinos. Most old school developers are from USA and UK. IGT, Bally, Playtech, IGT, Microgaming. But has gotten fierce competition from an unexpected place, Sweden. Sweden now holds the largest and best software in the world and goes under the name of Netent. Since the success of Netent which is listed on the Stockholm First North several small independent slot developers has arised. Among the most famous: Play n Go, Elk Studios, Quickspin and Thunderkick. All fighting to get their slots on the top positions of the online casinos.